Floor sanding / polishing 

What to expect:

Sanding and polishing a beautiful timber floor is a skill acquired over many years. With the correct procedure and products your Timber floors will gain a character and feel that is unique to your home. This is all part of the beauty of owning a timber floor.

Expert sanding / polishing to remove all existing old coating and any unevenness due to cupping or lips on flooring.

Nails punched.

Nail holes, knot holes and gaps at the end of boards (butt joints) to be filled with appropriate filler.

Coatings that will provide many years of beauty / character to your wooden floors and home.

Minimum of 3 coats, no matter what product of your choice. 

Modern sanding machinery is fitted with dust collectiing equipment and we endeavour to clean dust away by vacuming and wipeing down surfaces.

Unfortunately Removal of stains from within the boards and around nail holes such as animal urine and water/ fire damage will Not come off by simply sanding it off, as this has penetrated the floor.

Filling gaps between the boards. These gaps are not filled because subsequent shrinkage and expansion in the timber will cause cracking in the filler.

You may get slight markings on skirting boards from contact with the Edger and Buffer. That is why it is recommended to leave painting on skirtings until after the floors are finished.

You are likely to get some variation in colour and grain between new and old boards.

I strongly believe it's important to always be honest and upfront with all my clients, especially when it comes to renovations around the home, as this is the best way to avoid any headaches or miscommunication.